Tongue in Cheek

  • St. John's Church Revere Street & Roanoke Ave. Jamaica Plain, MA

Sometimes a bit of wry humor is just the thing for the craziness of Spring. Hindemith and Mozart bookend this musical roast, looking askance at the musical traditions of their times. Meanwhile, Boccherini gets his groove on, Farina channels cats, dogs, and roosters, and and Harvard composer/mathematician Noam Elkies shows us just how nutty a fugue can get, as A Far Cry concludes its season with a smile and a wink, tongue firmly in cheek.

Paul Hindemith: Suite from “Minimax,” arr. AFC
Carlo Farina: Capriccio Stravagante
Luigi Boccherini: Fandango, G. 341 arr. AFC
Noam Elkies: Allegro Troppo
W. A. Mozart: Ein Musicalischer Spass