A Far Cry is thrilled to announce the hire of our first permanent Executive Director, Bridget Mundy. 

Bridget has enjoyed a truly remarkable career in a short period of time. She comes directly from The Cleveland Orchestra where she had a number of roles in the Development office, culminating in Director of Legacy Giving. Bridget joined The Cleveland Orchestra in 2011 as a member of the Institutional Giving team and, for two years, managed all aspects of the organization's grants and government relations. In 2013, she joined the Major Gifts Team with a focus on Legacy Giving; she oversaw all stewardship activities for Legacy donors and actively engaged financial advisors and attorneys as advocates for philanthropy and the orchestra. Most recently, she served as Director of Legacy Giving, a senior position on the philanthropy team responsible for advancing a comprehensive planned giving strategy.

That's the official version. 

Unofficially, we are so excited about Bridget's near-virtuosic ability to communicate with clarity, heart, and precision. We're inspired by her uncanny attention to detail and her passion for fostering excellence in arts organizations. We are deeply happy to be moving forward with such an eloquent and thoughtful leader, and we anticipate a long and fruitful time together. 

Welcome, Bridget, we're so glad to have you here with us! 

For a very official version, read the press release here.

We welcome you to follow her on twitter at @MundyBridget or come say hello in person at our next concert.