Loewi Lin

A founding member of A Far Cry, Taiwanese-Canadian cellist Loewi Lin grew up the culinary hotspot Ping-Tung; he moved to Calgary when he was seven, but he occasionally makes it back to visit his grandma. Loewi started playing cello at age 11, but he always wanted to be a doctor; as a high-school senior, he converted to music and has been a devout follower ever since. Loewi then attended the Cleveland Institute of Music, the University of Ottawa, and New England Conservatory, where his mentors included Richard Aaron, Paul Marleyn and Laurence Lesser. He has appeared at Carnegie Hall in the New York String Orchestra, Tanglewood Music Festival, Taos Music Festival and Steans Music Festival at Ravinia. Although usually gentle, Loewi is known to hurt a fly — one time, he killed three at once with his bare hands. He also loves the culinary arts, billiards, and good vacuum cleaners.