2014 Highlights

By any measure, 2014 was a remarkable year for us at A Far Cry. It’s impossible to capture the entire year in a list, but we’ll share a few highlights with you.

In 2014, A Far Cry...

We asked the Criers to share some of their individual highlights from 2014...

Erik Higgins:

"Dancing my first pas-de-deux with the wonderful Melanie from Urbanity Dance during terry Riley's 'In C'..."

Karl Doty:

"My 2014 highlight was having so many Criers travel all the way to Cape Girardeau, MO, to play and party at Liesl's and my wedding!"

Alex Fortes:

"I made my viola debut earlier this fall on the Biber Nightwatchman ;)"

J Cosmos Lee:

“I became curator and director of my own chamber music series, 'Nth Degree' in affiliation with the Cape Symphony, launching the first concert with a recital back in September!

AFC made our Canadian debut in Calgary back in January, then went onto play in Ottawa in July, both to accolades!”

Sarah Darling: "Got to indulge my creative side when eight virtuosic A Far Cry violinists played my arrangement of Biber's magnificent Passacaglia, literally trading sixteenth notes back and forth in a flash!"

Robyn Bollinger:

“I got to join A Far Cry!!! I also particularly enjoyed our collaboration with Roomful of Teeth.”

Miki Cloud:

“We collaborated with Urbanity twice :)  And we did our first all-baroque program.

Alex and I benefited greatly from our new host-family network for out of town Criers and guests.”

Annie Rabbat:

“We added some awesome new Board members and did a couple of great projects with Lisa Hicks and Community Action Partners!”

Karen Ouzounian:

“Traveled to Portland, Oregon for the first time during A Far Cry's Pacific Northwest tour! The tour culminated with an epic meal at Pok Pok with a bunch of Criers. Was introduced to and fell in love with Finnish fiddling music (JPP) thanks to Karl and Liesl!

And a couple of personal milestones: became a permanent U.S. Resident and got engaged!”

And onwards to 2015!

Now that 2015 is nearly upon us, we can't wait to share another year with you. We still have four subscription concerts left in Boston—including Improvisation coming up shockingly soon on January 9th!

We're enormously grateful for the huge number of supporters who helped us in 2014. If you haven't yet made a tax-deductible donation to A Far Cry in 2014, we hope you can take a few minutes to make a contribution now. Without the support of our community, we wouldn't have so many lovely highlights to share with you. Thank you!