A Far Cry Debut Album On The Way

For those of you missing A Far Cry’s sound between concert cycles, I have good news for you. We are in the midst of producing our Debut Album! This recording project was one that we started in the fall. In addition to meeting as a group to decide on repertoire, and spending many rehearsal hours getting to a place of confidence in order to engrave our sounds in the universe forever, there were lots of decisions to be made that would affect both the experience and the results of our labor. We needed to find the perfect recording space (Mechanics Hall, in Worcester, MA), an engineer (Jesse Lewis of Sound Mirror) and a couple of producers- musicians that we trusted and respected to be our outside ears through the recording process (violist Roger Tapping, and cellist Terry King).

Things fell into place rather miraculously, and the morning after we returned from our trip to Duluth, MN, we woke up early and headed over to Mechanics Hall to begin three days of recording. Thanks to our wonderful engineer Jesse, and our esteemed producers Roger and Terry, things seemed to go quite smoothly.

Those of you that have recorded know, and even those of you that haven’t can imagine what a difficult task it is! Every take could be "the one,” and if you miss a note, or someone sneezes, what might have otherwise been a perfect take goes in the garbage!

The other thing about studio recording is that there is no audience. While this improves our chances of a “clean” recording – no candy wrappers or coughs from the crowd, it also changes the feel of the music. I mean, if a tree falls in the forest….

But we did our best to imagine you there right along side us, and we’re eagerly awaiting our first listen. Jesse is busy editing, we’ll listen in a few weeks, and we should have our discs available for you by the time April rolls around. The album includes works by Handel, Golijov and Tchaikovsky. 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