A New Year's Cry!

2016 is here... and wow!

First things first, we hope that this finds each of you doing well as we cross over the line into another year. We're all in this together, and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

The turning of the year is always a great chance to take a second and just look around. So we glanced back at 2015. Three words: That was fun!

From our Grammy nomination to the rocket-to-the-moon success of "Crossing" to our "Best of Boston" moment, it's been an extraordinary run. There are still some moments when we look back and say "Hey, did that really happen? 

But really - and this is always, always, true - it's not about the high points. It's about the work that we do every day, with each other. We are a group that is continually thinking about process, dreaming about shared virtuosity, and helping each other to be as creative and communicative as we can be. That's our real purpose. Accolades are always great, and affirming - but it's because they're a reflection of the work we love. 

So here we are, looking forward after looking backward. And there's no doubt that 2016 is a year that fills us with excitement. It's the year of our Tenth Anniversary Season, which is coming right up! (It's so tempting to drop even one hint of some of what's in store next year, but it's still under wraps!) We're also very close to hiring a wonderful Executive Director, which will move the organization forward in ways that, frankly, we still can't imagine. 

And right around the corner, we're looking forward to a fantastic spring filled with concerts and collaborations. Before January even ends, we will have performed the Faure Requiem with a choir we've been admiring for years - Blue HeronIt all comes back to the work, and ringing in 2016 with these inspired singers is a bit of a collective dream come true. 

We can't say often enough that this is all possible because of you. Your presence, your partnership, your listening ears and inspired minds, your love, and the million ways that you help and support us. 

2016 begins in gratitude. 

With love and music, 

The Criers