Aurora Borealis

Karl and Erik Catch a glimpse of the exquisite Northern Lights as this program brings you from the bitter heart of a Nordic winter to the warmth of a welcoming hearth. The few gentle snowflakes felt in Steve Reich’s “Duet” soon gain intensity and develop into a full-blown blizzard of sound.. But as cold as it may be, once you find your way inside, a raucous party awaits - with a pretty stellar live band, of course!

Steve Reich: Duet Benjamin Britten: Prelude and Fugue for 18 Strings Ingvar Lidholm: Music for Strings Edvard Grieg: Two Elegiac Melodies, op. 34 Traditional Swedish fiddle tunes, arr. AFC

Saturday February 21, 4pm St. John’s Church, Jamaica Plain BUY TICKETS