Back home to keep moving

Well, we had an awesome week in Maine, and driving back with Karl and his bass in the little Protege, I realized how much more I appreciated each individual in our group after rehearsing, brainstorming, eating, swimming, living, and spending every day and night of the week together. There's something unbeatable about seeing so many sides of each personality in such a concentrated time. More of a sense of the whole person emerges in my mind each time I think of them. This morning I sent out our rehearsal and concert schedule which we labored over so much on our last day, and it's really a lot. A lot of rehearsing, a lot of work, and a lot more time together. So it's good we love each other! I'm totally excited by the momentum that's gathering inside and out of the group. We were able to get a lot rolling last week, but the action is all really starting now. Here we go!