Crier Dreams

Crier Dreams

An interesting side effect of spending a LOT of time with the same people, working towards a common goal, is that sooner or later, this finds its way into your dreams! Recently, I had two funny dreams about A Far Cry, and I thought I might go ahead and post them - partly just 'cause, and partly as an open challenge/invite to the other Criers to share any crazy dreams they might have had about the group here on the blog! I'm dreaming of a long list of wacky posts to come...Here goes!


I am walking through an extensive garden of romaine lettuce at midday, with Jesse and a Guest Crier. Jesse is explaining to the Guest Crier how soon our communal living compound will be complete, and what the timeline is for the group to move in. I realize that I hadn't known we were going to be living together ALL the time - maybe I missed that part of the meeting. But what the heck, I go with it. The three of us amble through the lettuce, talking about the inevitable pros and cons of such an enterprise when I realize that the No. 1 bus is coming around the far side of the garden and that I'm supposed to be catching it. I take my leave and book it over to the bus stop - at which point I wake up instantly!


I find myself in a large blue undefined space, climbing a staircase, or maybe it's a ladder, that grows with me as I climb. The higher I get, the clearer my surroundings become, and eventually I realize that I'm not alone. In fact, various members of A Far Cry can be seen from this vantage point, each one moving up his or her own ladder. Margaret is particularly striking, holding a beautiful ballet pose at the top of her ladder, and from a nearby point, Frank is smiling and commenting on something or other. Every one of the Criers is doing something unique, but I don't remember if I actually saw the others, or if my dream just summarily informed me of that!