Schnittke Video

Another new video for your watching and listening pleasure:

Schnittke Concerto Grosso #1, fifth movement Rondo. This video features Nelson Lee & Meg Freivogel from the Jupiter Quartet, Andrus Madsen on harpsichord and prepared piano, and the largest assemblage of Criers the world has ever seen! OK, maybe that's getting carried away, but there are 21 unique parts, with one player to a part. Chamber music in the CMA sense of the word!

Lunatic Video Up!

Biber part 2 on YouTube

The complete Biber is up on YouTube, split into 2 parts (it would have been 20 seconds over the 10-minute limit for a single video... lame, YouTube, lame!). If you haven't seen A Far Cry on video recently, you're in for a treat - Simon Yue is now filming our concerts with multiple cameras, which are then edited together (with the artistic advice of Jae) for a much-improved watching experience. I even find that the video changes how I hear, as my ear tends to amplify whichever section I'm watching at a particular moment. Fun.

Other new A Far Cry videos to check out: the Stravinsky, Mendelssohn, and Mozart Piano Concerto videos. Enjoy!

Performance Today

We just received word that NPR's Performance Today, with 1.2 million weekly listeners on 237 stations, will be featuring A Far Cry on Monday's broadcast! They will be playing our Simple Symphony (Benjamin Britten) from March 23 in Marathon, Florida. Also, on their website they call us "irreverent" which is fine by me, even if it's just one side of the A Far Cry coin. Thanks, Performance Today!