Crossing Press Previews

We're thrilled to be working with Matt Aucoin on his world-premier opera with the ART—and A Far Cry's first performance with a conductor. The press has had lots to say about Matt and this project; we'll strive to collect the many articles on this page as they come out. Check back for updates.

"How is it working with A Far Cry?"
"It’s great. I’m honored that I’m their first deviation from their own conductorless MO. Really, I approached them as a fan, saying I’ve been going to your concerts since early in college and I just love your spirit and your attitude and your gutsy way of playing, would you be interested in doing this project? And I really respect that it was a long conversation. They wanted to make sure that it wasn’t just an anonymous big budget opera production where they’d be shoved in the pit and that was that. On the contrary, they played an orchestral workshop of the piece last October, and the players have given me detailed feedback about their parts, which has been invaluable. And that’s great. It’s the opposite of showing up at the first rehearsal and seeing a bunch of players crack open the parts for the first time. And roll their eyes at the difficulty of it. On the contrary, A Far Cry dove in from day one. I’m really grateful."
Matt Aucoin, from The Boston Musical Intelligencer

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