Discovery Review

Congratulations to our friends Courtney Lewis and the Discovery Ensemble on their great review in the Boston Globe. The reporter, Jeremy Eichler, compares the Discovery Ensemble with another little chamber orchestra in town:

In the last couple of years, the city’s classical music scene has been receiving shots of adrenaline from what might appear to be unlikely sources: two scrappy chamber orchestras newly founded and staffed by prodigiously talented conservatory students and recent graduates. The groups - A Far Cry and Discovery Ensemble - are structured differently (the former plays without a conductor, the latter is led by the young and charismatic Courtney Lewis), but both convey a passionate musical commitment, a high level of technical execution, and, perhaps most strikingly for audience members accustomed to the sober professionalism of more established groups, an intense joie de vivre derived from the thrill of making music together.

We're honored by the comparison, and applaud the Discovery Ensemble's every success. More music for all!