Executive Director Search

A Far Cry is in the midst of a search for the next, crucial, member of our organization - our first-ever full-time Executive Director. We've been getting closer and closer to this juncture for a long time and have benefitted hugely from the near-superhuman efforts of Kelly Reed, our first Administrative Director, and then Graham Wright, our Interim Executive Director. 

Now it's go time. 

The job description is making the rounds, and we're getting some great submissions. Meanwhile, we thought we'd go ahead and post it here on our own turf. And in true Crier style, we have two documents to peruse: 

our official job description, and our version of "the straight dope" - some plain, real, talk about what's in store, both for you, and for us! 

Take a look! And feel free to share! 


Official AFC job description 

The Straight Dope