Farmers Market Concert

Yesterday morning I experienced one of the most enjoyable playing experiences I have ever had. When Jason asked us on Friday night, in the midst of partying after our second concert, to leave towards VT at 9 am the next morning, we were all not quite sure what in the world he was thinking... Demanding a good reason, together with making upset faces, the room quieted down as Jason said- 'Jesse will explain'...


The car I was in was the last one to arrive (not at all surprising, since I am well known for being chronically late... three alarm clocks were apparently not enough...). As we walked through Montpelier's Saturday morning farmer's market looking for our friends, taking in the fresh air and feeling a bit like foreigners on vacation, I suddenly saw a large crowd surrounding a bunch of happy string players. As quickly as I could I took my violin out and ran over to my section, to join a beautifully improvised "Canon" by Pachabel with my sunglasses on. What an exciting moment- improvising with my friends on the driveway in the sun, surrounded by music lovers of all ages, children and young couples, as well as their grandparents, all together smiling at the sight of such energy, vitality and inspiration coming from both sides. Leaving at 9 am was such a small price for such an unforgettable street concert!

We as musicians always try to find new ways to make classical music accessible for people of all ages and backgrounds, and I think we have found one of the many ways to do so. Not to mention, a way to find an audience in the morning for an evening concert!