Florida Photos

Wow - what an incredible trip to the Florida Keys! The audiences were amazing, the hospitality was out-of-this-world, and our rental Priuses only used $20 of gas to go 500 miles. What a tour. Here are a few photos, mostly from a couple of educational concerts from Tuesday morning: Courtenay, Frank, Annie, and I played and spoke about music at the Marathon Middle/High School as well as the Elementary School, for a total of nearly 1,000 kids! Many thanks to Cindy Stong for coordinating the two educational concerts and to Edward Bouton (my grandfather!) for taking these great pictures. Click on the photo below to see the collection!

Frank was like the pied piper - when he started giving out horsehair, the kids came flocking! After the performance, Courtenay and Annie made some friends. Jesse made some friends, too. A Far Cry conducted by a teacher and hundreds of third through fifth graders! Morning performance for the entire Jr./Sr. High School Between performances, Annie, Jesse, Cindy, and Ed got lunch Most of A Far Cry and Guests poses for a picture - great memories!