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Hello Loyal AFC Fans Have you noticed that AFC has two new fiddlers in the mix this year?  Yes, A Far Cry added two core members this fall, Jennifer Curtis, and myself -Miki-Sophia Cloud.  You can call me Miki for short, though.

My eyebrows can't compete with Jae's or Jesse's, but you may spot me on stage as the crier with the ever expressive, free-flowing shock of wild hair.

Part of what I do for A Far Cry is manage its online persona beyond the wesbite (which is expertly done by Jesse), and said persona is growing by leaps and bounds!  We have over 1000 facebook fans, and are gaining more and more twitter followers each day.  Plus, our youtube channel now contains quite an archive of videos that is constantly expanding.

If you're a facebook, youtube, or twitter person, come take a peek at what's going on with us.  As AFC begins near-massive touring next year, plugging into our online world is also a great way of keeping in touch until we come to your city!

Lastly, if you have any questions or comments for us, please use our blog, youtube, facebook, and twitter as a means of sharing with us.  We love to hear from you, and will always do our best to respond quickly and thoughtfully.

See you in cyberspace



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