Full time criers, and our Duluth tour

Our trip to Duluth was probably one of our most successful trips to a new town we've ever had! We flew over for two nights only- played in a performance class at University of Minnesota Duluth Music Department, then got to listen to their awesome unconducted string orchestra, and ended the day with a concert in Weber Music Hall- a very delightful hall with warm, flattering acoustics. We stayed the nights with some generous friends, and about half of us stayed with the Dotys (Karl's parents) who hosted us with the best of bedding, dining, and....... their Sauna! ____

Ever since I got back from Europe on September 21st we've been working 'round the clock non-stop. There were a few moments there where I almost forgot A Far Cry was not a full time orchestra! To be exact, just so you understand what I'm talking about, we've been working 9 out of these past 10 weeks strait. Yeah, ok, with one week off in the middle (in which all of us tried to do EVERYTHING else we'd been procrastinating...)

Hard work (and complaining) aside, it took me talking to a friend who lives on the other side of the Atlantic to realize that during this time we have played two Boston cycles of concerts, went on two tours, and recorded two CDs! Wow, that is really a lot. I can't believe we made it, but we did. I must say I am very proud of us to have done all this, and in such little time...

It's been a pleasure sharing our work with all of you: our Boston friends, our Montpelier VT dedicated audiences, friends in Milton and in Quincy, our new friends in Duluth MN; our soloists Karen, Hyunah, Humanwine and David, and our wind players who've joined us for the recording with David; our recording honorary crier Jesse and our producers Don, Terry and Roger; organizations we've worked with such as Bikes not Bombs, the MSPCC, Axiom Gallery, NEC, ENC, Longy, the English High School... So many generous creative and warm people who've shared their time and talents with us! Thank you!

Now we finally have some time to wind down, do some other things, see some other people (like our families and our other friends), maybe play in other groups or focus on our own playing for a while, as well as get things ready behind the scenes for our next cycles in the spring, and our 3rd season of '09-10'. Please keep in touch with us over the winter, and stay warm, wherever you are. Best wishes!