The process of building a career in music is often centered on “getting.” In any major city, there's a network of musicians deep in the daily toil and hustle to get every note, opportunity, concert, review, grant... the list goes on.

Of course, the Criers haven't been immune to this mentality. We couldn't have grown into an internationally acclaimed touring ensemble, become a significant concert presenter in Boston, created a Grammy-nominated label, or founded a thriving non-profit organization in ten years without a hungry sense of ambition – and a lot of sweat and tears.  

These days though, the tone of our conversations has shifted. These days, we're talking a lot less about getting and a whole lot more about giving.

During the early years, we'd walk onstage holding our breath. Did anyone come? Will they like the program? Will they think we played well? Now, when we walk onstage, we're flooded by the realization that A Far Cry has become so much bigger than us. I look into the audience and see a community of hundreds who’ve come to know our concerts as a safe space to turn off their phones, be still in their own humanity, experience beauty, and feel genuine human connection. In the maddeningly manic, disaster-strewn, noisy times in which we live, this hour of connection and contemplation takes on a sacred significance. We aren't playing to get approval. We're playing to give something – something far deeper and more worthwhile.    

This group-focus on giving has also energized our commitment to education. In our work with students on college campuses, in youth orchestras, and schools across the country, we're inviting them to listen radically, trust their colleagues, trust themselves, and fall deeply in love with music.

In 2016, we began a partnership with Project STEP, an inspiring organization in Boston committed to providing top-notch classical music training to students from underrepresented backgrounds. Criers are coaching STEP chamber groups every Saturday, and leading monthly workshops. In May, the STEP Honors Quartet, coached all year by criers, will perform on the Jordan Hall stage as part of our "Next Generation" program, and a student from the quartet will join our ranks onstage. We are so proud to be part of this growing movement to invest in our community – especially youth – through the life-changing power of music.  

Today I ask you to empower us to do more of this work. Our greatest desire for the next year is to give of ourselves, more fervently and completely, to our audiences and to every student we encounter.  Your support is the crucial fuel that can make that desire into a reality.

With gratitude,

Miki-Sophia Cloud
A Far Cry



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