Last concert in Boston this season...

Usually, we end our seasons with a bang. 
This year...we're ending with a wink. 

"Tongue in Cheek," our final program of the year, takes us into the quirky, odd, sometimes raunchy and always delightful world of the musical joke. 

We'll meet orchestras that sound like they've all had a little too much champagne at intermission. Sparkly soloists that just can't seem to let that high note go. Fugues that turns somersaults in every direction. Musical representations of everything from wheezy organ pipes to cats, dogs, and roosters.

And we will definitively answer the question: "What happens when Mozart, Boccherini, Elkies, Farina, and Hindemith walk into a bar?"

We're all looking forward to wrapping up the season with you this weekend. Bring some serious attitude to this musical roast. These guys can take it. And rest assured, there'll be plenty of gorgeous moments between the guffaws.


With love and music,

The Criers

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