on missing rehearsal...

The other day, A Far Cry had its first rehearsal for our April concerts: Words and the Night. I missed it. (click "Continue Reading!") Please don't feel bad for me; I was in Florida with my girlfriend, lying on the beach, spotting dolphins, and eating delectable hogfish. I can think of worse reasons to miss a rehearsal. And yet, I really did miss it, like one misses the hand-holding of a loved one or Mom's home cooking. A Far Cry is a family, and I missed the reunion.

I wonder: how did it go? At the first rehearsal for our last set of concerts, Remixed Classics, we read Grieg's Holberg Suite, and we couldn't help but whoop when it was over. It was a feeling like riding a classic convertible for the first time in the spring after it's been garaged all winter. This time, were the Palestrina Madrigals soothing and lovely? The Mozart Divertimento chipper and bright?

We have an ambitious program to perform, including a number of original transcriptions, two different concertos, and a bona fide masterpiece, Schoenberg's Verklarte Nacht. Will we rise to the challenge? Meet it? Transcend it? I'm not concerned with the concerts - A Far Cry has yet to play a lackluster concert - and I'm not concerned with my ability to plug into what the group is doing - there are 12 more rehearsals for that. I'm not concerned with anything, really, except for the fact that I missed even one minute of the A Far Cry experience. I can hardly wait for that second rehearsal to come!