Our Home

We are only beginning to process yesterday's violence in Boston. Our constant prayers are with all who were affected by the attacks. We are left with so many questions and so few answers. There is so much we don't know. The one thing we do know is that we love our city and its people. Boston is AFC's home. We drive like maniacs, scream at Sox games, and spend too many hours at the pub down the street. We grew into adults at NEC, and Longy, and Harvard, and BU. Between the 18 of us, we've played in every church, synagogue, hall, gallery, theater, library, dive bar, and coat closet in this town and loved every minute of it. More importantly, we live in a city where 150 people trudged through four-foot snow drifts on foot to support us at our last community concert. This city has given us all more than we could ever dream of - a home, a life, a vibrant and open-hearted community, and a chance to make music together. It's a debt we could never hope to repay.

All the thanks we can offer is our music. We hope this will offer some humble amount of hope and healing to this community, which has been generous to us beyond measure.