Our Place in This Zeitgeist (part 2)

With part 1 of this installment just written yesterday, I wake up this morning and find out that Radiohead (the flagship artists of our generation) has just officially changed the recorded music industry forever. Not that other great artists big and small have not been doing this for a few years, but it is by the token of their sheer fan base that reaches into the millions easily, and by the pure artistic output that these musicians have proven their worth in a place in modern music history. I will be forever thrilled for today, that this band whom I've now seen twice give performances that have radiohead1generated goose bumps from the beginning to end of their set, has done the equivalent of what the character, Tyler  Durden in the 1999 movie "Fight Club" did in the last minutes looking over the demolition of the credit card industry. I've been saying it over and over again. It is not about the money. Money is a commodity that will always change hands, and with such examples of today, the door will now wide open for artists who have more to say ON STAGE being musicians, and to become the voice of reason for the audience of the now and the future. Found a really insightful blog about the events of today, and without a doubt feeling that bigger things are just around the corner. A Far Cry salutes you, Thom York & Company. Who says an outfit like A Far Cry can't be the opening act for a band like Radiohead?