please stand up!

Just imagine:
A classical music concert, where the musicians play in their everyday clothes.
Where the audience STANDS UP.
Where people clap when they feel like it.
Where people talk if they want to.
Where everyone feels free to be themselves...

I have dreamt of this imaginary concert for years. And I was thinking- we stand up when we perform because we feel that the energy we have is so much more powerful when we stand. You know what I mean? Just try to imagine a rock band sitting down... haha... hm... But when the audience stands up, the potential energy is so much more powerful, and everyone feels it immediately.

This being said, I never quite understood how I will make this concert happen-
What if people standing up will block the view of the ones who'd want to sit down?
What if people who wanted to listen would be bothered by those chatting?
What if the musicians seemed as if they were disrespecting the event?
And tonight I finally realized- wait a minute, these things happen in almost every concert that is not classical, and the world keeps on turning...

Well, tonight my dream came true.

humanwine/afcHolly and M@ and their band Humanwine hosted us in concert in Allston. They are both very inspiring people, who have been friends with A Far Cry for quite a long time, since they met our very own Ashley and Courtenay, who ended up playing with their band. And not only are they loving and giving people, their music is extremely meaningful, personal and creative. Tonight they shared a warehouse with the band What time is it Mr. Fox? and with us in a very special event.

By the end of the show we joined Humanwine and played along with them, but beforehand we played a full 'set' of our own. And you know what? we played Mozart, Muffat, Britten and Bartok, and people listened standing up, everyone could see us and hear us, and it felt so right. And the playing, we felt so comfortable that we allowed ourselves to enter a new phase with our playing, a feeling I hope we will carry with us in the future to many more concerts and places. Afterwards playing with Humanwine felt so good, getting a bit out of our comfort zone, making new music on the spot, listening, rocking...

So I am writing this in thanks to Holly and M@ who invited us to play in their show, in thanks to Ashley and Court who made this collaboration happen and taught us all the songs, and in thanks to the beautiful crowd who came out today in the rain and listened to us standing up. Thank you for making my dream come true.