Remixed Classics

A Far Cry is in the midst of rehearsals for our next program, Remixed Classics, and I am so excited about this music, I had to post here to tell everyone about it!

Remixed Classics concentrates on classical "cover pieces." Each of the pieces on this program represent the composer stepping out of the normal, the mainstream, the expected, and writing a piece in a totally unexpected new style - sort of like A Far Cry itself. Hmm...

Golijov's Last Round brings grinding, sultry, passionate Argentinian tango to the concert hall. The piece is basically just hot. Then the program moves to Shostakovich, who explores ragtime and jazz in his Piano Concerto #1, which A Far Cry will perform with the great Russian pianist Alexander Korsantia. (More info about Korsantia coming soon!) After intermission, Grieg looks well into the past, going for Baroque (oof) in the beloved cornerstone of the chamber orchestra repertoire, The Holberg Suite and finally Beethoven seems to look back to the archaic fugue and simultaneously forward hundreds of years to cutting-edge avant garde in the landmark Grosse Fuge, performed in A Far Cry's new adaptation for string orchestra.

Please join us and experience Remixed Classics! This concert is going to rock!