Summer Crier concerts

During the summer, A Far Cry is like an accordian. The Criers start in Boston, spread out all over the world, come back together at the end of June, spread out again, and then regather in August in Maine. Right now a bunch of us are playing concerts with various other groups, so if you miss seeing some Far-Cry style music making, you can get a little dose here and there. Tomorrow, many of us are performing with the Harvard Baroque Orchestra on a BEMF Fringe concert. Saturday, June 13, 12:30 pm, at First Church in Boston, on 66 Marlborough St. It's an exciting, free, one-hour show! Next week, On June 15, 18, and 19th at 8 PM, in Jordan and Williams Hall, I'll be performing with the Callithumpian Consort as part of NEC's SICPP. Each of these concerts will definitely titillate and satisfy your contemporary music senses. More info at (Each of these concerts is free.)

Stay tuned here for other Crier's summer concerts, and if you come to some, please make sure to say hello!