Summer Sojourns

Every summer the Criers scatter to drink from the fountain of inspiration at music festivals, in far corners of the world, at the family cabin in the woods, on a road trip along the Pacific, etc... And every Fall, they bring this inspiration back to a fresh new concert season. We're just four weeks out from the first rehearsal for our 4th Season, and I smile when I imagine the personal, artistic, soulful growth and its profound effect on both process and product. This flexibility and eager embrace of change is at the core of our being. It is quintessentially A Far Cry, and I love it!

On the music festival front this year, you might catch Margaret or Tony at Yellow Barn (Putney, VT), myself at Int'l Musical Arts Institute (Fryeburg, ME), Sarah at Carmel Bach Festival (Carmel, CA), Liza at Monadnock Music (southern NH), Miki or Annie at North Country Chamber Players (Lincoln, NH), Megumi at Olympic Music Festival (Quilcene, WA), and Ashley or Court at LyricaFest (Lincoln, MA). You might spot Jesse on a tour of his home state with the Vermont Symphony, find Karl in a tent somewhere in Minnesota or on stage soloing on his bass with the Lake Superior Chamber Orchestra, catch a glimpse of Frank as he spends time with family in Maine, Virginia, and Sun Valley, or stumble upon Jae driving up and down the East Coast anywhere from Georgia to Maine. If you find yourself in more remote corners of the world, you might just have a Jen sighting in the back alleys of Romania while she soaks up everything Enescu, run into newly-wed Loewi in Seoul, Korea teaching cello and English with his wife Jenny, or discover Sharon on her annual tour with WEDO (West-Eastern Divan Orchestra) to places as diverse as the Dominican Republic, England, and Qatar.

All will slowly reconvene in Boston, and the rehearsals will begin shortly thereafter. Looking forward to another great season, coming up right around the corner!