These Seeds become Trees

This Saturday is a moment all of A Far Cry has been waiting for ever since a thrilling, enchanting performance last fall in a semi-secret location with our favorite eco-anarchist punk rock band, HUMANWINE. That night, we joined the band on some of their songs and presented their audience with a little Mozart and Bartok, rocking out in our own way.

This Saturday, June 27, A Far Cry makes its debut at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, where HUMANWINE presents "These Seeds Become Trees." This promises to be an unforgettable evening. HUMANWINE has encouraged its fans (and believe me....there are many across the country) to come in costume as characters of "Vinland" and those who come in character ("Aktorz") collectively create the Quilt of Vinland. Click "Continue Reading" below to learn about the characters.

HUMANWINE has been touring this year and developing this program. It is going to be awesome. Criers Ashley and Courtenay will also be providing vocals on this program! Will they be in costume too? Will more Criers be in costume? You'll have to come to find out.

6/27/09 Paradise Rock Club 967 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 8pm doors/ 9PM Show. 18+ only. tickets solds at Paradise Box Office, Orpheum Box office, and The Aktorz play important parts in the 3-hour theatrical performance. Here's a description of some of the characters, including lyrics from HUMANWINE songs. These are taken from

Not-Me Thief Appearance: A black skull cap and a black and white striped shirt, dark pants. A five O'Clock shadow helps secure the imagery for both make and female thieves, they are sexless. "They crawl from the mouth and then fall to the ground out of site, they burgle the heart of the child and fall them to sleep by feeding lies like a pill promising it's alright." - Wake Up! (HUMANWINE) They crawl in and out of the windows of the factories to slip the Not-Me Pill of Lies into the mouths of the cog populace whilst they sleep unknowingly receiving the "news of the day".

Hordes Appearance: A cloud of fists, knives, guns, tears, fearful and hateful memories and feelings. A tornado filled with TV's, riot police, magazines and fear-based propaganda. "As it feeds on your waste of flesh, haggard laughing all the way holding until the day. Hold yourself down the hill, you can barely see though the dead debris, it's a body. Bring in The Hordes who feed on your fear, your screams, so you start running. Will you ever stop feeding them?" - Fighting Naked (HUMANWINE) A swirling mass of fists and debris. It is still unknown exactly "how" they form but there is a simple tale that says...From the first feeling of FEAR or HATE came the first Horde. They started as a bunch of little swirls that have grown into a full fledged epidemic! After the first broadcast on NM (Not-Me) Radio This tornadoeaque being started making regular rounds through vinland sucking up that which it lives on, FEAR and HATE. There are two ways of dealing with Hordes when they come through, one can know they exist, yes, but also continue to do the daily and nightly tasks with no fear, to do this is to survive because they will continue by, the other method of dealing with Hordes is to FEAR that they might come (which calls them) and once they come to run and hide, which only leads to the consumption of the person and the growth of said Hordes.

Cog Appearance: Grey skin tone, their ears are wilting and falling off, gaunt, tired eyes with dark circles, a uni-suit (mechanic suits work great) also a number any old number above the front breast pocket and on the back. "Faces of the typical so sad are SAD ARE! Faceless are the typical SO SAD! " - Vin d'Humaine (HUMANWINE) "Trained under gun and programmed 'till empty A husk of human" - Vast the Olde World, Then Sails (HUMANWINE) Citizens of the major cities in Vinland. Armed with names like 01 and 578 these folks live to serve the Not-Me and have been convinced to serve since their birth by their parents who didn't know any better or were to scared to read the posters created by the YerYerOwns. Cogs are filler, fodder and something to be used until their inevitable doom in the factory fields. When finally promoted from the factory to the field Reapers are sent by the Not-Me to heard the promoted Cogs and bury them neck deep in the soil (this is a high honor to a Cog), the head remains above ground, the bottom portion of the body is only visible to the (mythical or are they) dwellers of the underground, the Enjoyeurs whose sky IS the ground of Vinland, when the Cog's particular "final task" is completed a Reaper is sent to decapitate them and they die. The body falls from The Enjoyeurs' "sky" and is then press into HUMANWINE. "