We've landed in Florida

A Far Cry arrived in the Florida Keys today, and this is my first time here. The beauty everywhere took me by surprise, and being so completely surrounded by water (even the humidity in the air) makes me feel like a completely new person. I think that I can expand and be more fully myself when I feel all of the water molecules from the air seeping into my winter-in-Boston-dried-up body. (I'm an Oregon duck, so this is how I'm meant to be operating!) Jesse's grandparents, Ed and Betsy Bouton, hosted us for dinner, and there was even a fireworks display further up north that we could see from their dock. Kate, our guest Crier on bass, and I are housemates, and our hosts and their house are the epitome of graciousness. In fact, I am now going to go for a little swim before retiring. I'm sure it will help our concert tomorrow sound very refreshed and fluid. Can't wait!