Wonderful Weston

Some places just call you back. Ever since A Far Cry's first visit to Weston, Vermont last June, we have been plotting ways to return. There's something about southern Vermont - its aggressively-beautiful landscapes perhaps, or maybe the way residents come together at the drop of a hat despite the (to a city-dweller) less-than-neighborly distances between houses. Do people live here to get away from people (as it looks) or to get together with people (as it feels)? I think perhaps that a combination of the two is closest to reality, and perhaps that is why A Far Cry feels such closeness with the place. Stubborn individuality tempered by awareness for the good of the group - or is it stubborn individuality FOR the good of the group? You may think I'm reaching, but I suspect the forces holding A Far Cry together are very much related to the forces holding together spread-out communities around the world. Anyway... A Far Cry was absolutely delighted to perform at The Church on the Hill in Weston on Sunday afternoon. If any Weston-ers are reading this, I hope you'll leave a comment here on the blog to let us know how you enjoyed the concert!

Oh - one little picture (more to come soon) of A Far Cry's other Weston performance, on Saturday night at The Inn At Weston... Alicia playing violin with the dinner-room pianist, in honor of Liza's birthday. What a scene! Alicia at the Inn