Crashing a great party!

Hi everyone - Monica here, guest blogging for Jesse.  I thought I'd give you the scoop on some of the other fun stuff we've been up to in gorgeous (and hot!!) San Francisco.  Since several criers are native to the area, we've had lots of guides to help us navigate the 'touristy' activities (like checking out the view from Twin Peaks, riding the classic trolley cars, and hitting the beach) as well as of course finding great places to eat and drink. A real highlight was the evening we spent at a very cool cafe called SoCha in the Mission, which hosts Classical Revolution's weekly chamber music reading nights.  When we showed up, there were already a bunch of great players there digging in to some quartets, but we were very graciously welcomed and the reading party expanded to sextets and octets.  It was great to see old friends and new friends rocking out together over music that everyone knows and loves, and while the players and the other musicians listening were having so much fun, what I thought made the vibe so special was that the patrons at SoCha were really listening and whooping it up as much as the players were.   Thanks to Charith, Jory, and the rest of the Revolutionaries at SoCha Wednesday night - what a great spot to catch live chamber music in a really informal setting!