San Francisco homecoming

I couldn't wait to take off on the tour...but there was so much to do before we left that it didn't hit me til I woke up on the plane and we were almost there. Then, when we landed and I could see the bay and the hills, the excitement started bubbling up and I didn't know what to do with myself! I always love coming home to the West Coast, but what I didn't know was how much this feeling would be intensified by bringing the 15 other Criers along! Every part of life in San Francisco that I especially missed from conservatory days...bonfires on Ocean beach, breakfast at Zazie in Cole Valley, Brothers Korean, and the views from every hill...these I started to anticipate and experience not just for myself but for everyone else too. That's almost too much happiness to handle. The best though is the people in the city. So many friends, including many who went away and then moved back, and so many who opened up their homes to have us stay with them. A special thanks to Bill and June who not only hosted and fed and supported...but Bill also photographed and recorded our concert and gave us the cd the next day! Also, seeing my teacher Ian and two of his children at our concert meant so much. Talking with him before the concert made my whole warm-up different as the things he had taught rushed to my mind again.

I love it here! (but I'm already pretty pumped for real hometown homecoming!)