Driving Music / Diving Music

So yesterday was the big driving day - we loaded up our rental minivans (Bigfoot, Bounty Hunter, El Toro Loco, and Carolina Crusher) and headed up Route 101 from Santa Rosa. 101 is an amazing drive. First it leads through Sonoma County - beautiful Tuscan rolling countryside covered with vineyards and wineries. Then the road grows steeper and twistier as it becomes the Redwood Highway. Driving through dramatic cliffs lined with evergreens, the first redwood still comes as a shock - just a massive column of TREE right there by the highway. I began to feel smaller and smaller as the average size of the trees got bigger and bigger. We drove past the tree you can drive through, and the tree you can live inside.

Trees then gave way to the Northern California coast, with its cliffs and crashing waves and imposing rock islands. If you are driving along the West Coast, I really do have to recommend route 101. But I also recommend bringing Jae Lee along. Jae DJ'd for most of the 10-hour trip, shuffling a driving mix between 2 ipods. From Indie Rock to Irish fiddle, the Driving Music helped the time pass. Exhausted by the travel, we met our Roseburg host families and went to bed.

Today is our day of rest, but some of us are going white-water rafting. We'll see if there are stories of Diving Music to tell tomorrow!