wow, time flies & tour is almost over!!

With sporadic wifi access on this trip, and not having been chosen to be one of the drivers on this west coast tour (if I was driving, I'd make sure I'd get my internet on a daily basis, but maybe that's why they didn't pick me as a driver...too many possibilities of unannounced disappearances perhaps??), I guess my input on the blog also has been a bit... well.. to be frank, this is my first post since leaving Boston. But the west coast tour has in fact been great to say the least. Getting to meet up with old friends all along this beautiful coast, making new friends & fans, becoming fans of new things (like the glass vacuum coffee brewing system..Holy Moses, I've had many good cups of coffee in my life, but really...if you know something is 200 times better than what you previously thought was good, how CAN you ever go back?? How can I repay you, Mike Judge...) and places, like McMenamins Breweries of Oregon, where they consistently serve excellent micro-brews and yummy foods at every location I step into. And these are only the few perks of being on the road. Before I forget, I will give shouts to all the gracious people who have housed, fed & supported us on this trip, and have done more than their share of PR for us to get more ears at our shows. You are our satellites & ambassadors, and we can't thank you enough.

A tour like this not only teaches me a lot about the other people in the group, but for me, it always comes back to an occasion to take a good look into my own being. And I think I've made some progress this trip, being more tolerant of others, their ideas and just plain not wanting to worry about the little things and inconsequential drama. Because it started to finally make sense, that it is all about the music, and my time on stage when the lights go on. And I figure if we can inspire each other during that time on stage, where most of the world gets to see & hear what we do, it probably counts the most towards our goals of wanting to do this whole music thing. Don't get me wrong.. I love the process of rehearsing and sinking my teeth into a piece of music, but I live another day to perform, and I'm sure my colleagues would agree.

It's a travel day today as we head up to Seattle and I hope to have one more day before our time in the west is over, to sit down and write a bunch about these weeks of traveling. But it is heart warming to share these days with the Criers and deep down I always know who my peeps are. Here we come Washington state!