It's a bit unfortunate, in a way, that the second post in the history of the blog must have the title it does. Symbolically, the music comes first, as it always does in real life. Following close behind, however, comes concerns about money. A Far Cry exists for a number of reasons. It exists to show the world a new kind of music-making. It exists to demonstrate the power of collaboration and the power of real, profound communication. The musicians of A Far Cry are, for the time being, donating literally thousands of hours and thousands of dollars to help get this thing off the ground. But boy, we could use a little help. There are serious expenses associated with even our modest three-concert inaugural series: music rental, hall rental, and transportation, and we are also facing significant start-up costs in terms of incorporation fees, legal fees, demo recording fees, and dozens of other little things. To get to the point, we aim to perform for all people, no matter their socio-economic situation, but if you have heard us, and if you support the idea behind this endeavor, and you can spare a couple bucks, please give some consideration to becoming a supporter of A Far Cry, and a supporter of the next generation of superb uplifting cultural experience. It's easy - you can donate securely by web by clicking below, or to the right.