A Far Cry had an exhausting, exhaustive rehearsal today, from 1:00-6:30 (with breaks!). Pieces are really starting to come together into interpretations, which is by far the most gratifying part of the rehearsal process. There are still moments, particularly in the slower, newer pieces - Gandolfi and Bartok 2nd mvt. - that we do not completely agree on. To fix music like this, we often talk about trust - trusting each other to come in, and to support each other sonically. When the trust isn't there, the music sounds tentative, unsure, and broken up - the natural flow of the piece is disrupted by our own insecurities. When we trust each other, we can relax and allow the music to unfold. Of course it is easier said than done, but I think we are all learning about each other slowly but surely. The more we play together, the more we trust one another, and the better we sound. Hmm, I wonder if we can schedule any more 5 hour rehearsals... -Jesse