Hello from the ED

GTW Hello, hello Crier Nation!

You might have been wondering about the latest happenings in A Far Cry’s search for an interim Executive Director. Well, I’m excited to report that about six weeks ago I officially took the job and joined the A Far Cry family—right in the middle of the first two concerts of the season and the release of the debut Crier Records album. To say we hit the ground running would be a bit of an understatement.

It’s been a busy fall, beginning to learn the ins-and-outs of A Far Cry. I’ve been a big fan of the group for years, so it’s exciting to get a chance to dig in deep and help the Criers and Board plot a course through this season, with our eyes on season 10, just two years away. These are exciting times, indeed.

I might know some of you already, from concerts around Boston, from Opus Affair...or maybe you’ve got a keen eye and spotted me in some recent photos on the AFC Facebook page. Whether we’ve met already or not, I’ll look forward to seeing you at St. John’s in Jamaica Plain, Jordan Hall, the Gardner Museum, the Shubert Theatre...or wherever else this season might take us.

Cheers, Graham

PS. I won’t elaborate now, but suffice it to say, we will have much more to say soon about these “exciting times” ahead and what we are doing to prepare for seasons 9, 10, and beyond.