We're a little Obsessed

This week, A Far Cry is trying something brand new. We're stepping all the way into a world that we've previously only visited, and playing an entire program—start to finish—of weird and wild baroque music. Baroque music—isn't that relaxing? Or... boring? Not a chance. When you give this music a chance to speak, it tells a story where everything is vivid and alive. In "Obsession," we've picked several pieces that just don't know when to stop; Vivaldi's crazy set of variations, "La Follia," a "Battalia" by Johann Meder that faithfully depicts the act of going off to war, and... and...!

And then we asked Amanda Forsythe to come and steal the show.


Many of the Criers remember exactly when we first heard Amanda sing. (Even though each one of us heard her at a different time!) She's the kind of musician who just casually strolls into your consciousness and redefines the word "stunning."

Amanda will be collaborating with us on two cantatas—Vivaldi's "Nulla in Mondo Pax Sincera" (an indictment of shallow worldly pleasures) and Handel's "Armida Abbandonata,"a masterful exploration of the inner world of a powerful sorceress who has just been left by her lover.

There are still some tickets left for the concert this Saturday at 4:00, but they are going fast—so don't wait!

(And speaking of tickets...there are still a few of the nicer seats in Jordan Hall left for next Friday's "1964"—our collaboration with Urbanity Dance—but not many! Now's the time!)

Here's a preview of what Amanda can do–a wonderful aria from last year's Boston Early Music Festival opera. Her feckless nobleman (Zachary Wilder) has just ditched her for political reasons. The lady is not amused.

Amanda Forsythe in Handel's Almira from Ball Square Films on Vimeo.

Can't wait to see you Saturday, and next Friday for more!

With love and music,

The Criers

Purchase Obsession tickets here.