Home again in another Nest

The Criers have landed again in Blue Hill, ME to play concerts, retreat, and plan for the coming season. Once again Kneisel Hall Music Festival is our home for the week, continuing a very happy (and hopefully annual) tradition. I love being here by the water, in the trees, where the sky and water and ground all feel so close together. Long before I had any presentiment of a group like A Far Cry coming into being, I would come here to play chamber music for the summers. This camp was my first gateway to the East Coast, and the place that connected me to most of the people I still love playing with today. Driving up with Sarah, I realized that I now feel luckier than I had ever imagined, because I always get very attached to these little places tucked away in the woods where I made musical discoveries...I used to get blue for weeks after leaving...and now I get to be part of them again, contributing to the musical life of the festival and this town that I love so much. It is very sweet to know that our group has many musical homes in the communities up and down both coasts. Real homes where we spend time with friends, have favorite haunts, and share our experiences in and out of music with the people who have become our family. And speaking of homes...Since 99.9% of the group resides in Jamaica Plain, MA, it's very exciting to say that we may soon have our very own Far Cry home in the heart of JP. Fingers crossed, and stay tuned for a newsflash soon!