Yoon Byun, photographer extraordinaire!

You may have seen the new pictures of A Far Cry, embedded throughout the website recently, and I wanted to take the chance to thank and acknowledge our photographer extraordinaire, Yoon S. Byun for his amazing work. Yoon works as a staff photographer for the Boston Globe, and was the eye that captured our moments for the featured article in the Globe back in April, and the accompanying audio-slide show on its website, Boston.com (both links can be found on the "Press Room" page of our website). We wanted to work with him ever since the article came out, but for various reasons, we could not schedule a shoot until mid-June. Plus, we only had a 2 day window to schedule it, since we were re-grouping shortly to rehearse for our Vermont tour in the midst of everyone's busy schedule. We were originally planning to do it at Revere Beach, which is just up north of the city, for candid, open feel shots. However, a couple of days before the shoot, there was a storm front that kept on pouring rain all over the city, and the forecast did not show a ray of sunshine throughout the week, and we were definitely more than nervous.

Our alternate locale for an indoor shoot, in case of rain, was not completely solidified (the main reason being that we wanted to do an outdoor shoot, because of the size of our group), and the evening prior to the day of the shoot, there were scattered showers and we needed to be ready to make some adjustments. I guess it's like planning an outdoor wedding for one of the summer months, and no one wants to predict that their wedding is going to be rained out. Since I was Yoon's contact for the group, I had searched a few hours on the web for a possible solution if our photo shoot got rained out, but envisioning more panoramic pictures, my choices were limited. And me, freaking out..

7pm came around and the rain actually stopped. Wanting to cool my head, I went on a walk to the Arnold Arboretum, just down the street from my house in Jamaica Plain (actually most of us in the group live here). As the evening clouds parted their way and the beautiful, dusking twilight permeated its colors through the moistures still left by the rain, I walked in to the Shrub & Vine garden inside the space. There is a free standing structure with a roof, giant open space with large stairs, and in the glimmering maroon sunlight all this was a stunning vision. Thinking more about the possible rain, called up our esteemed photographer, while on the spot, sent him some photos I took on my cell phone, and we agreed on changing the location of the shoot.

The day of the shoot was a warm, though overcast day, and by the evening (when our shoot was happening), the sun showed its crimsoned closing segments. How lucky we were. Then Yoon went to town. It was just a great day (the Criers that day had already rehearsed 5 hours) of making music & hanging out with my crew.

Yoon, who's gentle spoken demeanor imbues refinement, is an awesome guy...and he's genuinely passionate about his work. I think everyone in A Far Cry can realistically appreciate and relate to that. I personally hope, he and A Far Cry have a lot more bright futures together.