Portland Debut

Our Portland, Oregon debut is behind us, and we are now in the home stretch, with only the Memorial Day Seattle concert left to perform. But I'm still thinking about Portland. Portland has been, for me, an almost mythical place. In conversations with friends in Boston, when the question comes up: where do you want to end up?, the answer is invariably Berlin, Germany or Portland, Oregon. Berlin is self-explanstory I think, but why Portland? Now I have a much better idea.

Yes, it's a big city with big city amenities, clean air and water, excellent public transit, and stunning natural scenery easily accessible. But more than that, the people of Portland are energized! 75,000 of them will go to a political rally. They recycle. And, they go to concerts of young, unconducted chamber orchestras. We had such an enthusiastic audience, it was overwhelming. Thanks Portland! If you are reading this and were part of our Portland crowd, please leave a note telling us what you thought!