Snow, snow,, no, NO!

That's about where we're currently at in Boston, and there's "snow" getting around it. 

It's hit us at A Far Cry, too. We've shoveled out, trudged to rehearsal, endured insane commutes and broken boilers, and slogged in from out of town under extreme duress. And all because we are 100 percent committed to bringing you a show this weekend that we think might just tip the balance. 

"Aurora Borealis" is a program that, amazingly, addresses our experience right now. Curated by Crier Erik Higgins, it's meant to evoke the beauty and the ferocity of winter before bringing everyone indoors to warm up and have a raucous party. The program moves from a pointillistic duet by Steve Reich (a few snowflakes begin to fall) to a whirling Prelude and Fugue for eighteen string players by a young Benjamin Britten. Then we jump straight into the heart of the storm in Ingvar Lidholm's "Music for Strings" a wild and fierce piece that has helped us exorcise the frustration of all that endless shoveling. 

And then we head inside, for a beautiful "thaw" to some music of Grieg—and a foot stomping set of Erik's favorite Swedish fiddle tunes, which he's  transcribed and arranged for the group. Winter, begone! We have this crazy idea that perhaps if we can defeat the chill of winter in this show, maybe, just maybe, we'll get the weather moving in the right direction. 

There's no more beautiful sight in winter than the glow of the Northern Lights—and in this show, we hope we can convey that gorgeousness in pure sound. 

With Love and Music,

The Criers