Song and Dance

We will be performing a new program, "Song and Dance," in Montpelier and Weston, Vermont later this month. Despite the fact that it shares both the Corelli and the Grieg with our "ensembleENSEMBLE" program, it has its own very different feel that I really love. As the title might give away, the program features music for strings inspired by both song and dance. Mozart's Divertimento #3 in F starts the concert with a festive, welcoming note. Mozart is the great master of the human voice, and the Divertimento is saturated with hummable tunes. Next, we turn to Benjamin Britten, who wrote his "Simple Symphony" at the ripe old age of 20, based on pieces he wrote even earlier. Less simple than you might think, the Britten combines baroque dance forms ("Boisterous Bourree" and "Sentimental Sarabande" are two of the movements) with melodies reminiscent of English folk songs. The second half of the program is all dance, combining the quintessential baroque dance suite - the Corelli Concerto Grosso op. 6 #9 - and the classic baroque-romantic fusion of Grieg's Holberg Suite. This is a program of contrasts, beautiful melodies, and foot-tapping rhythms, perfect for the summer!