The Bay Taper and Classical Rev

Bill Swerbo, who writes the excellent blog baytaper, has a couple of posts which you should really go check out. First, Bill has a recent post about A Far Cry's recent San Francisco performance here. The new concert photos which are starting to be sprinkled around this website can also be seen there, as Bill is not only a writer, but also a talented photographer. But wait, there's more! Bill also recorded our concert, and you can hear our San Francisco performance of Corelli's Concerto Grosso in F on his website as well.

The baytaper also recently wrote up one of the weekly music parties of Classical Revolution. The "revolutionaries" invited A Far Cry to come sight-read with them when we were in town, and it was one of the highlights of the tour, by far. Classical Rev, in addition to putting on chamber music concerts with core members, holds a weekly classical music jam session at different bars and cafes in the Mission. There's nothing like being cheered on by a crowd of random onlookers as you fearlessly attack some fearsome Mendelssohn passagework, sight-unseen. Can a Boston Classical Revolution be far off? How could it not?