Thank-you, Vermont!!

A Far Cry had an AMAZING weekend tour in Vermont last week. We arrived in five different cars at six different homes(Montpelier/Berlin) Thursday night. Some of us had engagements in Boston until the evening, so we didn't in until very late, but ALL of our hosts were so nice. On Friday morning, we met up with Karen Kevra at Vermont Public Radio, outside of Burlington and had a live spot on what is probably one of the most popular public radio stations in the country! We were a little nervous, mostly for the interview part, but it all went just fine. We had a great lunch hour on Church Street in Burlington and then piled in the cars to head to Middlebury. We arrived at the college and entered one of the most beautiful halls! After a quick photo shoot and dress rehearsal, we had dinner and then a concert. The audience there was great and we were particularly impressed and thankful to the people who stuck around afterwards to talk to us. We decided we should encourage that more during all of our concerts - we like to get to know our audience!

Saturday, we were treated to a lunch at the New England Culinary Institute's cafeteria and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon, most of us in the quiet luxury of Mr. and Mrs. Iron's house. In the evening, we had one of the most exciting concerts I've ever played and that was mostly because of the energy coming from the audience. There was something that night about the way we could communicate with the people sitting in there. It was joyfully packed, and although it was almost unbearably warm in there (how many of us saw the sweat dripping from Andrew's violin?!), there was a spirit like no other. That evening, we were treated to a nice reception, again by the Iron's, and returned home Sunday, tired and blissfully happy from the weekend. I had a special treat - my host took me on a hike, right in Montpelier, just before I left. Thank you, Leslie!

If any one is reading this who attended these concerts or other concerts of ours, even in Boston, we'd love to hear your comments! We encourage you to leave comments on this blog, or write to us!

On behalf of the Criers, thank you, thank you, everyone in Vermont! This will be our home away from home, for sure.