Who goes to UNO'S?

I have to say that going to school in Harvard square doesn't offer many choices for late night food after practicing until the building closes. Late night food in the square was limited to Charlie's Kitchen (home of the double Lobster roll), and Uno's Chicago Grill. I remember playing with a hockey team from Canada, that was treated to beer, chicken wings and Pizza from Uno's (as they were one of the tournament sponsors), and it was sooo satisfying to be eating after playing a few hours of hockey. They serve all sorts of food that have a very distinct aroma. Their selection of beers is average, but they definitely go down easy, and compliment their famous pizza the "Chicago Classic." It always sits well in my stomach, and the great part is that you can take it home if you can't finish (like in a plastic bag, with napkins of course) Well that is my plug for Uno's in Harvard Square if you happen to be there late when nothing else is open...or if you managed to find it at four in the morning (excluding Massachusetts)...yeah I go to UNO's