The Community Orchestra

In the next season and beyond, A Far Cry will be doing significantly more touring than it has up to this point. There are many artistic, financial, and personal reasons for this, and A Far Cry will grow as a result. That said, A Far Cry made a commitment to its community years ago which may have been the best thing decision we've ever made. Our concerts at St. John's Church in Jamaica Plain this year have been packed with families, children, community leaders, business owners, and artistic colleagues - a true cross-section of our home town. We are honored to be JP's orchestra, and will continue to be the best neighbors we can be. I was moved this morning by another example of an orchestra with both a high respect for, and a vital importance to its home community. In my old stomping grounds - Baltimore - the symphony recently held an open call for local amateur musicians to join it in rehearsal and concert. Read about the musicians' experiences.