Tom Yum Soup

I've been watching tons of videos on thai food lately on youtube. So, I compiled a Tom Yum Goong (soup) recipe that came out pretty well tonight. I thought since it's been about 2 years since my last recipe post on here.... 4 cups chicken stock 1 stalk lemon grass, bruised and chopped into 3-inch segments on the bias a few kaffir lime leaves, partly torn to release flavor a dozen slices of galanga root (galangal) a dozen whole, uncooked lg. shrimp, de-veined, de-shelled, with heads and tails on cilantro, chopped juice of a couple of limes small shallot, squashed and cut in half white button or straw mushrooms, cut in half tomato, cut into wedges 3 small hot thai chilies, finely chopped 3 tablespoods nam prik pao (Thai Chili paste in Soybean Oil) heaping tablespoon of sugar teaspoon of salt couple tablespoons of fish sauce ½ cup or so of evaporated milk (not sweetened) from a can

Bring chicken stock to a boil. Add galangal, lime leaves, lemongrass, and shrimp. Return to boil and add shallot, mushrooms, tomato, chopped chilis, nam prik pao, sugar, salt, fish sauce, cilantro, lime juice, and evaporated milk. Allow flavors to simmer together for a couple more minutes, then serve with more fresh cilantro on top.

I like to cook up some rice noodles (al dente – these cook very quickly!), and place these in the bottom of the soup bowl before adding the soup. Makes a hearty, spicy, fragrant bowl of tom yum goong!