We live for this!

Wow. A Far Cry in day-to-day life is amazing: a great collection of individuals, always an exhilarating experience, always striving for bigger and better things. Then A Far Cry performs, and everything ratchets up about 10 notches. Consider an Italian sports car: no matter how comfortable it is to tool around town, no matter how cushy the leather seats or how harmonious the surround-sound, you simply won't understand the soul of the machine without taking it to the race track and pushing it to its limits. A Far Cry is the Italian sports car of ensembles. One simply forgets, in day-to-day activity, the almost terrifying potential and power that lurks in the belly of the beast.

A Far Cry lives to perform. If you haven't experienced A Far Cry's current program, "Remixed Classics," you have one more chance: in a free performance at Cochran Chapel at the Andover Academy this Friday, February 1.

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