Youtube feedback

As we are preparing a new round of videos from our recently-completed "Remixed Classics" concerts, I decided to check out the videos we posted already, of some of our previous concerts. There was a lot of great feedback! Here's what people are saying about our online videos: Corelli Concerto Grosso op.6 #9 (1463 views)

  • Just Wonderful...............thanks for posting!
  • wow, super!
  • mejor imposible. SUENA A GLORIA BENDITA (Jesse: not sure what this is about!)
  • Awesome!

Elgar Introduction and Allegro (part 1 1032 views, part 2 1106 views)

  • All of you sound amazing. Your intonation is right on. The dynamics are so well expressed. Elgar's Intro and Allegro: probably the most beautiful way ever played.
  • immaculate
  • wow! this is so awesome! you guys have such a great sound!
  • omg we're playing this right now in orch, it's soooooo hard!!
  • OMG so am I! And yes, it's a hard piece, but it's also really awesome. Probably one of my favorite string orchestra works! These guys do a remarkable job, not counting the fact that it's without a conductor. The fact that it's without conductor is remarkable in and of itself; one of the reasons that this piece is so hard is because it's so lushly written. So, congratulations to these guys for attempting the piece and playing it incredibly well!
  • Introduction and Allegro is NOT an easy piece to play, but they did VERY well. I don't even know them and I'm proud of them
  • WOW WOW THIS IS TOTALLY FANTASTIC we played this and did NOT do it justice in the slightest - this is unbelievable. WOW.

Quantz Flute Concerto in G with Karen Kevra (942 views)

  • holy guys sound amazing! orpheus, watch out!
  • Yeah, they are beautiful performers!
  • Yeeah, je veux le jouer comme ça ce concerto !! bravo =P

Tchaikovsky Serenade for Strings (4th movement) (1587 views)

  • wow, very good!
  • wish i could hear more of the bassline cause that's my favorite part, but that was very very nice (Jesse: the little camcorder microphone was clearly not worthy of Karl's awesome-ness)
  • mmm...tchaikovsky wrote a note for this piece that the bigger orchestra the better...but wow you guys sounded like a whole orchestra of 60

So... our videos have been watched over 6000 times, and that's what we're all about - reaching people! To find these videos yourself, just go to and search for "afarcry" - as of now, 5 will come up, and shortly there will be some excellent new additions!

And thanks everyone so much for being so generous with your feedback. You know how to make a musician feel good :-)